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Since its inception, ScienceNV has enjoyed rendering an orchestral piece for every album, in all its original intent and splendor. After reducing the full orchestral scores, ScienceNV then records each one, using only their eight hands (and nearly 300 kilograms of electronics). For some folks, these jewels have been their favorites ... so ... here, compiled in an EP set for the first time, are all three. Consider headphones or good speakers for these tracks, there is a lot going on and a considerable dynamic range!


For a remarkable audio experience: grab your personal copy of each CD, where the hi-fi versions of these tracks reside. With decent speakers, the dynamics are earth-shaking! CDs are still available on CDbaby as well as Syn-Phonic.

labet pc oroborus rln   

If you download some tracks, please consider donating a buck or two...
this was a lot of work!