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The Quest for Prester John - Volume One

Between the twelfth and seventeenth centuries, thousands of knights, pilgrims, and other pious folk devoted their lives to finding Prester John. His vast legendary kingdom was located in India, East Asia, or Ethiopia -- depending on the century and which version of the legend you happened to hear about.

A concept album in two parts, this project tells 12 legendary tales: a mindbending collaboration of more than 30 artists (including vocalists!) recorded in 6 different studios across the US, and taking more than four years. Volume One tells the first 7 tales, from the first two centuries of the Prester John era.

As with previous albums, the band has released Program Notes about the project (including lyrics!). It also should include some lame excuses about why everything took so long. (Excuse #1: When someone in the band suggested, "Hey, let's try this," someone else always responded, "Sure.") More about collaborators and recording studios can be found here.  

Below are the tracks on CD Baby. (Also up on Spotify!) This was all recorded in 24-bit hi-fi, and the CDs sound pretty fine! Visit the ScienceNV YouTube channel here; original artwork by Martha Diaz.



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