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Pictured above (L to R): Jim Henriques (frets, keys, flute & vox), Rich Kallet (drums & perc), Larry Davis (frets), and David Graves (keys & vox).

Let us introduce you to ScienceNV. The ‘Envious Ones’ are four scientists who are bringing 70’s progressive rock into the 21st Century. They grew up steeped in the music of Yes, ELP (Emerson, Lake and Palmer), Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Genesis, Led Zeppelin and Wishbone Ash to name just a few. They’ve been creating new music based on this fine tradition since 2004. Along the way there have been other distractions such as Jazz Fusion (think The Mahavishnue Orchestra and Return to Forever), Ambient (think Fripp and Eno, and Tangerine Dream), and re-envisioning symphonic masterpieces (Holst’s Mars, Ravel’s Bolero, and well… Saint-Saens’ Danse Macabre) -- using the full orchestral scores!

A short history: ScienceNV emerged from some remarkable cosmic California coincidences between 2000 and 2003. Larry Davis and David Graves, both working as scientists in the San Francisco biotech industry, discovered their mutual distaste of dull music in 2000. David met Rich Kallet, a clinicical researcher at San Francisco General Hospital, the next year; in a weak moment, they both agreed to join an ill-fated "garage band" that was ... insufferable. (If you'd like to see a grown man weep, just ask Rich about the 2001 Holiday Party.) About that time, Rich used a curious newfangled tool, the interweb, to track down Jim Henriques, a long-lost friend and colleague who shared a musical devotion to all things Prog. Rich learned that Jim had continued to pursue his musical career, and, like the other three guys, had a science-based day job (teaching college math, physics and astronomy in Orange County).

Their first jam was on February 13, 2004. New material immediately began to emerge... And after hearing about a possible gig in 2005, the quartet pulled together a setlist, including some originals. Not surprisingly, the gig vaporized; but it was too late. ScienceNV started to have a life of its own. Despite those pesky day jobs!

In addition to a handful of live performances, ScienceNV has recorded four nifty studio albums: Really Loud Noises (2007), Pacific Circumstances (2010), and Last Album Before the End of Time (2013). Their fourth album, released in February of 2018, was a monstrous double album: The Quest for Prester John. Stay tuned.

They're happy to correspond with folks -send them a note!

Rich Kallet - Having bombed his SAT's, Mr. Kallet's mathematical aptitude seemingly limited his career options to being a rock-n-roll drummer (provided he was restricted to counting in common time). Venturing to the University of Miami, he bumped into the legendary Jaco Pastorius, who kindly asked him to get out of his way. Fortunately, by this time he had met Jim Henriques. They set out to antagonize the aesthetic sensibilities of the University's Jazz Department with a prog-rock group. Many years later, the semi-respectable medical researcher reluctantly joined a garage band organized by a delusional "guitar owner." There, he met the equally mortified Dr. Graves. The two quickly teamed up with Dr. Davis to form the Æsthetic Condition. After reuniting with Mr. Henriques, the group became this musical abomination. Enjoy!

Jim Henriques - The guitar called to Mr. Henriques at a young age. Sadly, he frequently responded by speaking aloud to it and was ultimately hospitalized by his parents. His numerous educational experiences were quite painful and lengthy, so, being a vengeful person, he decided to become a teacher. By then, he already had two degrees and more musical instruments than he could shake a virtual stick at... So he obtained another Master's Degree (this one in music composition) in Southern California. In recent years, Mr. Henriques' prolific musical personalities have resulted in a wide variety of songwriting and number of dramatic rock projects in Southern California. His encounters with sad instances of "science envy" were remarkably inspirational and are the basis of many musical ideas for (and the name of) this fine musical ensemble.

David Graves - Dr. Graves stopped his classical piano lessons when he realized they wouldn't assist in his understanding of Rick Wakeman's Roundabout solo. Later, during his study of electronic music, sparks and wires were very impressive to humans of the female persuasion and he became greatly distracted. He began travels to scenic places like Omaha, Lexington, and upstate New York, but was ultimately asked to leave. He moved to San Francisco in 1991 and has delved into a variety of musical accidents, ranging from AudioBus performences to a residency with the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra.

Larry Jay Davis - Dr. Davis' career as a guitarist began during the early years of Clapton and Bloomfield, shortly after the breakthrough introduction of felt tip pens. After living a year in Buffalo, he decided to return to fame and fortune in California. He has appeared on at least one mainstream album, and he has worked with Dr. Graves on a number of studio projects since 2001, including the DayGlo Anglos.

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